About Me

I was born in Vienna in 1962 and already had contact with guardian angels and spirit guides while I was still a child.

These capabilities received little attention during my youth until the “fateful” failure of a relationship and the question of “WHY” led me to follow an intensive spiritual path. I read and learned across all the esoteric, spiritual, and occult literature that was available, undertook voluntary self-experience and the unavoidable experiences of life.

After I had given up my original profession as a flight attendant, and my three indigo children had become more independent, I underwent my training to become a regression leader in the year 2002.

That was the start of a new stage in my life.

I was finally surrounded by kindred spirits, my intuition and spiritual capabilities were no longer considered peculiar or some kind of strange behavior, but as being helpful in accompanying regressions. The clairvoyance made it possible for me to understand the images needed to “login to” the life of my clients and recognize the connections across space and time, and astral levels.

This is how I came into contact with the Arcturians, the Christ-centered, extraterrestrials, and their energy healing processes. The led me on channeled journeys to unknown universes and dimensions. I have dealt with this in my books.

Since 2003, I have been working with people who are prepared to question their paths through life and the roles they have chosen. This takes place in seminars and in personal counseling.

People come to me when they have arrived at a crossroads in their life – usually caused by a challenge of fate.

Together, we find answers; I accompany them through regressions and support them with my clairvoyance by interpreting the images that I received during these sessions.

In this way, we are able to solve many  things and create the natural flow of vital energy.

As the President and member of the Austrian Association for Reincarnation Research and Regression (AARRR), I am in possession of the official seal of quality of the Association.

You can find more information on the Association and its seal on its website:

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