Message from the eternal

by Bea Lake

Eternal entity

That sings for us in silence, 

That allows us to learn from each other,

Guide my steps with strength and wisdom.

Allow me to understand the teachings

As I make my way,

Allow me to honor the purpose of all things,

Help me to touch everything with respect,

To always speak about 

What lies behind my eyes.

Let me observe, not judge.

Allow me to not do any damage

And leave music and beauty behind

When I leave.

And when I return to the eternal,

I hope that the circle closes, 

And the spiral widens.

About Me

There are as many paths through life as there are people on this earth – and no two are alike.

Every fateful incidence is like a stumbling block that hampers the natural flow of the energy of life and is intended to bring new perspectives through the imposed experience.

My aim is to make all those who are prepared to follow their own path aware of this and able to recognize the reasons for obstructive behavioral patterns.

I take advantage of my clairvoyant, intuitive capabilities, as well as a wide range of tools I have learned, in my sessions to reach the clear understanding that courage and joy are needed  to face up to the tasks of life.

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What I offer

- Astrology

- Numeric kabbalah

- Intuitive health

- Channelings

- Contact to deceased

- Contact to spirit guides

- Regressions

- Clearing


My most recent book was published at the end of 2021

Since January 2024 also available in English as

"Crossing the Mind and Galaxies"

Crossing the Mind and Galaxies


"Only with the willingness to seriously deal with the 'impossible' and to trust inner images and messages do these approaches open up."

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My podcast “Onwards to other dimensions” recently became available here.

The podcast is conceived as an audiovisual supplement to the book “Quer durch Geist und Galaxien”.

The latest episode can be found here, on YouTube, and Spotify.

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Holiday seminar

On the island of Madeira 3.11.2024 - 10.11.2024


Fire / Earth / Water / Air – the elementary components of our planet Earth

In our week-long seminar, we want to take advantage of the energy reflected in the unbridled force of nature in order to descend into the depths of our subconscious and increase our perception and intuition.

In the morning there will be a yoga lesson, afterwards we will leave for magical places on the island.

A thousand-year-old laurel forest (the magical Fanal Forest) in the highest regions of the island will bring us closer to the spirits of nature and their energies. Feeling and perceiving are on the agenda of our program. The strength of the world of the plants will convey itself to you and give you a sense of self confidence.

The untamed ocean on the stony coasts links us to the energy of the all-forming water. Profound emotions will be set into action and possibly even come to the surface. Waterfalls that tumble directly from the rocks down to the paths serve as natural showers that purify the energetic bodies, as do our hikes along the levadas. These are waterways that are used for irrigation and have flowed through the island like a network of energy for centuries, before finally finding their way to the Atlantic. A cycle of energy that we will use to support our insights and meditations.

The permanent wind with its purifying energy, which can be felt especially in the northern regions of the island, helps us to let go of thought patterns, forgive ourselves and others, and then – lighter and free of intellectual ballast – discover new paths through life.

Last and not least, there is the fiery basis from the ancient lava rock; this  will make it possible for the primeval strength within us to make itself felt again. 

The Atlantic priests used all of these energies for healing and wellbeing. They knew that the earth could provide all people with the necessary resources.

That is why we will draw on their ancient wisdom in guided meditations and spirit journeys and transfer their concepts into the daily consciousness of the present day.

Maybe you will find your long-forgotten roots once again – here, in this magical spot in the Atlantic.

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