There are different types of regression:

One can be led back to a beautiful life, to simply get the feeling of a past life, to experience dying and the afterlife, or to a present life, to work through childhood experiences (also during pregnancy) fateful encounters with other people, or drastic experiences.

In a regression with dissolution work, one is accompanied by means of an alpha state (deep meditation) to the causes of blockages, fears, phobias and diseases of all kinds, whether in the psychological or physical realm, and experiences suffering and guilt resolution (release of old patterns).

Mostly the causes are found in one or more of the past lives. The purpose and goal of such a regression is to recognize and dissolve the blockages that are stored in the subconscious and show their disturbing influence in today's life.

Through this redemption and self-experienced clarification work, the entire environment - at home or at work - can also change.

After a regression, one feels light and liberated, as many old burdens are discarded and the view for the essentials in life is expanded.

Duration of the session: 3 - 5 hours


  • Retractions into the present, past, future life

  • group regression into the most beautiful, creative, spiritual life

  • Group regression with karma clearing

No matter who is in this group, all have been together in this constellation before. A common past life and the associated karma of this group will be channeled. If karmic structures are still unresolved for the respective chakra, they will be transformed and dissolved.

We explicitly point out that a session does not contain any healing promises and cannot replace a visit to the doctor, but can probably represent a disclosure of the reasons and connections of blockages or diseases, and thus a deletion or cancellation of basically everything that was misprogrammed at some point, whether in the present life in the womb of the mother, or in a previous life possible.