Intuitive Health

Every person is intuitive, but everyone has their own access that needs to be recognized. In order for body and mind to live in harmony, it is helpful to know how to use this unique access.

The health problems of the different organs, the emotions and the recurring patterns of feelings can each be assigned to one of the energy centers (7 chakras).

By means of an intuitive reading, it is possible to identify their underlying cause.

Every illness has its origin in behavioral patterns that are not conducive to spiritual growth and do not correspond to the originally chosen path of life. Intuition tries to point this out with increasing pressure, however, people of today have largely forgotten to pay attention to it.

Intuitive health in no way replaces a medical diagnosis or therapy, but favors a targeted development of consciousness, so that even small aches and pains can be recognized as a clue and early attention can be directed to the underlying problem. The active cooperation in keeping the body healthy!

  1. Chakra

    Belonging and roots

    Health in the organs in the hip, pelvis, legs.

    Bones, joints, skin, blood and immune system, injuries

  2. Chakra

    Money and partnership, love and finances

    Health in the lower back, urinary tract and reproductive organs, fertility, cysts, hormones

  3. Chakra


    Health in the abdomen and stomach

    digestive system, addictions, weight problems (bulimia, anorexia), blood sugar

  4. Chakra

    Emotions, care

    Heart, chest and lung health, blood pressure

  5. Chakra

    Speech and expression

    Neck and throat health, thyroid, shoulder, teeth

  6. Chakra

    Mental Flexibility

    Health of brain, eyes, ears, nose,

    Forgetfulness, intuitive competence, perception, thoughts and morals

  7. Chakra

    Development of consciousness

    Life threatening diseases, death experience